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    Chiara Valli

    Chiara Valli is a postdoc researcher at the department of Conservation at Göteborg University, Sweden. Her research interests include critical urban studies, urban and social geography, political theory, and critical heritage studies. Her current postdoctoral research investigates issues of cultural heritage, urban change, neoliberal urbanism, gentrification, marginalization, and resistance, with a focus on Göteborg, Sweden. She received her PhD degree in Social and Economic Geography from Uppsala University in 2017 with a thesis titled “Pushing borders. Cultural workers in the restructuring of post-industrial cities.” Her doctoral research critically explored the agency and positioning of cultural workers in the restructuring of contemporary cities, in relation to processes of gentrification, precariousness, and political resistance by studying New York City and Milan as empirical cases.

    Selected publications: Valli, C. (2017). “Pushing borders: Cultural workers in the restructuring of post-industrial cities.” PhD Dissertation, Uppsala University. Valli, C.(2016). “A sense of displacement: Long-time residents’ feelings of displacement in gentrifying Bushwick, New York.”International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39(6): 1191-1208, Wiley. Valli, C. (2015). “When cultural workers become an urban social movement. Political subjectification and alternative cultural production in the Macao movement, in Milan.” Environment and planning in SAGE Journal: A, 47(3): 643-659