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    Linda Tedsdotter

    Linda Tedsdotter is a visual artist based in Göteborg, Sweden. Her works have been displayed since 1998 in several museums of Modern Art, festivals and galleries, such as the Kaohsiung International Arts Festival in Taiwan (China, 2003), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (Croatia, 2004), Moderna Museet in Stockholm (Sweden, 2006), Palais de Tokyo in Paris (France, 2013), and OFF Biennale Cairo (Egypt, 2018).

    Tedsdotter’s artworks are site-specific or related in some way or another to the situation and the context they make up. Using small-scale, visual means her sculptural installations entice the viewer to participate in a way that is perceptibly controlled. Her interventions in the environment have their origins in the artist’s close relationship to the northern countryside, and they grab the viewers senses and attention.

    Besides being an artist, Tedsdotter also works as an independent curator and is the International Coordinator at the residence program at Konstepidemin in Göteborg, Sweden. Tedsdotter has been a board member of several art institutions such as Röda Sten, which is the main organization behind GIBCA, Göteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Göteborg, the art magazine Paletten, and the artist run gallery Box.