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    Nils Claesson

    Nils Claesson is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Claesson works with animation, text, film and contemporary art. Since 2011, he participated in the building of an environment for artistic research in Sweden. In September 2011, he received his PhD in Fine Arts from The Film and Media Department at Stockholm University of the Arts. For the moment he is employed as a researcher at the Royal Institute of Art in a project named Workawork: a cross-disciplinary research about the role of work in a society where machines and artificial intelligence is challenging the traditional form of work.

    Claesson has a history in making projects in dialogue with Eastern Europe. Between 1998-2009, he led several projects with the aim of bringing artists together and creating a dialogue between artists from the Baltic states, Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine. He participated in a group-show at the gallery of The Art Academy in Minsk with a work named The Contract, where he hired a Belarusian artist for one month who was tasked with not making art.